The eternal embrace, the ring of eternal happiness

About Bloodring

There is a drop of blood hidden in the ring. You wear your partner’s blood in your ring, and your partner wears yours. Blood is your soul, hence you wear eachother’s soul.

A Hungarian Innovation! Each ring is individually made.

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Pictures of the Bloodring

The ring is comfy to wear, it is concav on the inside surface and is made of 925 sterling silver with rhodium plate.
If custom-made, it can also come in gold.
Beautiful, stylish unique silver ring
Bloodring is the perfect gift for a girl request
On request, it can even be requested as a gold ring
If you want a unique silver ring or a unique ring
Hungarian innovation, this special ring
A drop of blood can be hidden inside the ring
Wear your partner's blood in your ring
Blood ring in which you can carry the soul of your love
Unique ring for special occasions
The Bloodring is the perfect gift for those looking for a unique silver ring, gold ring, engagement ring or wedding ring.

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